Despre operatia de transplant osos, complicatii si cum e Lucia acum | About the bone transplant surgery, complications and how is Lucia feeling now

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Dragilor, imi cer scuze ca suntem de atatea zile (17) aici in Basel si abia acum va povestesc mai pe larg despre operatia Luciei. Am avut o teama imensa in suflet care m-a tinut in tensiune, cu 1000 griji dar si multa speranta. Am vrut sa va scriu cu bucurie despre cat de bine e Lucia… Si iata-ma!

Operatia Luciei s-a petrecut pe 19 mai, 2014 la UKBB Kinderspital, Basel(Elvetia) si a durat aprox 3h. Trei medici i-au schimbat viitorul printr-un transplant osos. Suna grav, nu? Chiar este!  In timpul operatiei, medicul sau principal a observat ca zona curbata a tibiei este mult mai pronuntata decat se astepta si se vedea in radiografii. S-a folosit os uman de la banca lor de os care s-a impartit in doua bucati, prin sectiune pe lungime : una mai grosuta(2/3din bucata initiala) si alta mai subtirica care au fost “infipte” in tibia Luciei putin mai jos de genunchi si mai sus de glezna. Ambele au rol de a da mai multa stabilitate piciorului afectat de Pseudartroza, dar si de a ajuta la o mai buna vascularizare, avand in vedere ca este deficitara in aceasta zona. Rezultatele se vad in timp, cand aceste oase transplantate vor creste odata cu piciorul ei si vor forta tibia sa se indrepte incet incet. La final i-au pus tot piciorul in ghips, urmand ca la terapie intensiva o asistenta sa ii taie o fereasta in ghips, pt a observa cum se vindeca operatia si de a schimba pansanentul.

Lucia dupa operatie

In prima zi se trezea si atipea datorita anesteziei si morfinei administrate, urmand ca in urmatoarele zile sa fie conectata la un aparat care ii administra in continuare morfina prin branula. Au fost momente ingrozitoare, un cosmar si pentru ea si pentru noi. Acele dureri erau infioratoare si pe deasupra avea colici abdominale de la morfina. Asta a insemnat ca a trebuit sistarea morfinei si trecerea pe Nalbuphine si Novalgin -calmante putin mai slabe ca morfina, dar mai bine tolerate de organismul ei fragil si bombardat acum cu antibiotice etc..




Lucia dupa operatie- terapie intensiva

Dupa operatie piciorul ei s-a umflat tot mai mult, urmand ca in a 3 a zi de la operatie sa ii ingrijoreze pe medici (si pe noi) daca trebuie o noua operatie in zona superioara a labei piciorului care era umflata ma maximum si parea ca pielea sta sa plezneasca. La 4 dimineata au venit cu un polizor si au taiat ghipsul pe partea interioara, astfel incat sa vada daca acum se imbunatateste circulatia sangvina si incepe sa se desumfle. Si asa a fost! Nu-mi pot exprima teama de alte complicatii, dar si bucuria cand am vazut progresele ei!.

Lucia dupa operatie

Usor usor a inceput sa se trezeasca mai rarut noaptea din cauza durerilor si s-a inzdravenit. Piciorusul s-a desumflat si cu toate ca inca e tumefiat, incepe sa aiba o culoare mai naturala pe alocuri.

In timp ce sa facea bine, incepea sa simta dorul de casa si sa se plictiseasca din ce in ce mai tare. Tata a avut grija sa o plimbe cat mai mult si mama sa se joace cu ea. Bine ca acest spital este ultramodern si in camerele de maxim 2 pers, dotate si cu canapele si lenjerie+pilota+perna pt parinti, are si un sistem integrat de tv, internet & radio.


Dupa 8 zile de la operatie s-au scos firele, iar Lucia a fost curajoasa!  A urmat un nou ghips, sintetic si colorat, mult mai usor decat cel clasic, si de atunci Lucia a prins curaj!! Durerile sunt mai putine si de intensitate mai mica, si ar momente in care uita ca a avut ceva la picior si incearca sa se ridice.

Doua luni nu are voie sa calce, sa se ridice sau sa puna presiune asupra piciorului pt ca oasele transplantate abia acum incept sa se prinda si sa devina parte a corpului sau.

Urmeaza multe controale. Primul e pe 9 iulie. Apoi Septembrie. Apoi Noiembrie. Dupa aprox 6 luni de ghips va reveni la orteza.

Imi cer scuze ca am scris atat de mult, dar stiu ca sunt persoane care au dorit sa stie ce s-a intamplat in acest timp. Eu din pacate nu am reusit sa scriu nimic, mai ales pt ca am stat cu ea non stop, dar si pt ca voiam sa am certitudinea ca e bine.

Lucia cu siguranta va multumeste pt tot sprijinul material si moral, pentru implicarea dvs in campaniile de strangeri de fonduri si in distribuirea cazului catre prietenii dvs!  Anual vom avea nevoie de redirectionarea a 2% din impozitul dvs pe venit catre Asociatia “Lucia-Maria”, bani care vor fi folositi pt tratamente si cheltuieli necesare Luciei in urmatoarea perioada, dar si de rugaciunile voastre, care ne-au ajutat enorm in aceste momente incredibil de grele pt familia noastra! Speram sa ne fiti in continuare alaturi, pt ca acesta este doar un pas spre o viata mai buna pt ea.

Revin in scurt timp si cu poze mai vesele!!!


My dears, I apologize that I tell you now after so many days here in Basel (17), more details about Lucia’s surgery. I had a huge fear that kept me under pressure, very worried but also with a lot of hope. I wanted to write you with joy about how well Lucia is doing …and here I am!

Lucia’s surgery was done on May 19th,2014 at the UKBB Kinderspital, Basel (Switzerland) and lasted for aprox. 3hours. Three doctors have changed her future through a bone transplant. Sounds serious? It realy is! During the surgery, her main doctor noticed that the curved part of her tibia is more pronounced then he was expected and he could see on the X-Rays. He used human bone from their bone bank, that was divided in two pieces, by a longitudinal section : one was thicker (2/3 of the initial piece) and the other one was thiner and they both were “stick” in Lucia’s tibia just a bit lower her knee and above her ankle. They both are ment to give more stability to the affected leg by Pseuarthrosis, and also to help for a better vascularization, since it is very poor in this area. We will see the results in time, when this transplanted bones will grow with her leg and will force the tibia to get slowly slowly straighter. In the end they put a cast on the entire leg, followed by a nurse in the intensive care section,that cut a window in her cast to observe how the cut is healing and also to change her bandage.

Lucia dupa operatieIn the first day she woke up and then fall asleep due to the anesthesia and morphine, and in the next few days she was connected to a machine that administrated morphine through her cannula. For all of us these were terrible moments, a nightmare. These pains were creepy and above that she has abdominal cramps as a side effect of the morphine. That means that they had to stop the morphine and pass to Nalbuphine and Novalgin – lighter painkillers than morphine but better tolerated by her fragile organism, bombed now with antibiotics etc. .


Lucia dupa operatie- terapie intensivaAfter the surgery her foot got swollen more and more, so on the 3rd day from the surgery it worried the doctors (and us too) and think that there might be needed a new surgery on the upper part of her foot that was swollen at maximum and the skin seemed to burst. At 4am they came with a grinder and cut the cast on the lower part, so they could observe if her blood flow was getting better and if it starts to start look normally. And this is what happened! I cannot express my fear of other complications, but also the joy when I saw her progress!

Lucia dupa operatieShe started to wake up at night because of the pains less and less and got better. Her leg is regaining his shape although it is still tumefied, it begins to have a  more natural color.

While she was getting better, she started to miss home and got more and more bored. Daddy took her for long walks and mommy played with her. So good that this hospital it ultramodern and the rooms of maximum 2 patients, well furnished with a couch and sheets+covers+pillow for the parents, had also an integrated system of tv, internet and radio.

imageAfter 8 days from the surgery they took out the stitches and Lucia was very brave! They put a new cast next, synthetic and colored, a lot lighter than the classic one, and since then Lucia regained her courage! She feels pain less and less every day and their intensity is also lighter, and she has moments when she forgets that she had anything at that leg and tries to stand up.

She is not allowed to step, stand or put any pressure on the leg because the transplanted bones are starting to unite and become a part of her body.

A lots of consultations and check-ups are next. The first one is on the July 9th. Then September. Then November. After aprox. 6 months of wearing a cast she will come back to the orthosis.

I apologize I wrote so much, but I know that there are people who wanted to know more of what happened in this time. I was unable to write anything as I was all the time with her, but also because I wanted to make sure that she is better.

Lucia is thanking you all for sure for all the financial and moral support, for your involvement in the fundraising campaigns and for sharing the case to your friends! On an annual basis we will be needing to collect the 2% of your income tax that you can redirect to “Lucia-Maria” Association, money that will be used for treatments and expenses needed for Lucia during the next period of time, and also for your prayers that have helped very much in these incredibly hard times for our family!

I will be back soon with more happy photos!


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