Incepem sa simtim tensiunea ..mai sunt 8 zile pana la operatia Luciei!! | We start to feel the presure …8 days left until Lucia’s surgery!

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Nu am mai scris de mult pe blog pentru ca toata familia si prietenii s-au mobilizat sa adune si sa trimita formularele pt redirectionarea a 2% din impozitul pe venit pe 2013. Si buna treaba am facut cu totii, cu ajutorul vostru! Nu am cuvinte de multumire!

Lucia e cel putin la fel de activa ca si pana acum, vorbeste si canta toata ziulica – pe limba ei in mare parte, dar mai si comunicam atunci cand are nevoie de ceva. Doarme ca un bebelus (:D) cand oboseste si in rest e pusa pe joaca! Mai nou se catara pe scarile topoganelor asa cum poate, mai greut, si apoi aluneca cu un zambet mareeee cat ea.

Nici nuLucia pe scarile topoganului stie ce o asteapta peste 8 zile. Am inima cat un purice si incerc sa nu ma gandesc decat la faptul ca dupa ce va trece, totul va fi bine. Da Doamne sa fie bine! Operatia se va face prin transplant de os la gamba stanga si va sta internata 2 saptamani pt a se asigura ca organismul accepta osul se se vindeca frumos. Va face si fizioterapie si va avea piciorul complet in ghips. Pe 1 Iunie vom ajunge acasa.

Urmatoarul control va fi pe 2 Iulie cand medicul sau ii va taia ghipsul si ii va face o noua radiografie pt a verifica stadiul vindecarii. Va urma un nou ghips pe care il va tine pana in luna septembrie cand e programata la un nou control. Va fi o vara lunga cu acest ghips, dar sper ca la final sa aiba un picior mai sanatos, cu sanse cat mai mici de fractura si care nu o sa ii mai provoace atatea dificultati la mers.

Joi, pe 15 Mai plecam … va tin la curent cu noutatile!

Seara frumoasa!

   Mami lu’ Lucia-Maria


I haven’t wrote for a while on the blog because all the family and friends have helped in gathering and sending the forms that redirect 2% of the income tax for 2013. And we all did a very good job, with your help! I cannot thank you enough!

Lucia is very active as she was until now if not more, she talks and sings all day – mostly in her our language, but we also communicate when she needs something. She sleeps like a baby (:D) when she gets tired and the rest of the time she is ready to play! Now she climbs the slide’s stairs with some difficulty, but then she slides with a smile biggg as her.

She doesn’t know what is going to happen to her in 8 days. I am worried but I try to think that after all will pass, everything will be alright. God please make everything alright! The surgery will be done by bone transplant of her left leg and she will be staying in the hospital for 2 weeks to make sure that the body accepts the new bone and that it heals nicely. She will be doing physiotherapy and she will have a full cast on her leg. On the 1st of June we will be home.

The next check-up will be on the 2nd July in Basel, when her doctor will take of her cast and do an X-Ray to check the healing stage. A new cast will follow, that she is going to wear it until September, when she is scheduled for a new appointment. It’s going to be a long summer with this cast, but I hope that in the end she will have a healthier leg, with smaller chances to fracture and that she will have less difficulties in walking.

We leave on Thursday, May 15th … I’ll keep you posted with the news!

Have a nice evening!

   Lucia-Maria’s mommy


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