Operatia Luciei a fost programata!!



Este oficial. Dupa multe discutii si programari-reprogramari, data finala a operatiei Luciei este 19 Mai, 2014 la clinica UKBB din Basel, Elvetia. Va trebui sa ajungem acolo cu 4 zile mai devreme, pentru ca operatia este programata intr-o zi de luni iar in weekend nu sunt doctori care pot sa ii faca testele necesare puiului meu. Deci va trebui sa ajungem pe 15 Mai astfel incat sa pot face teste si analize pre-operatorii vineri, pe 16 si de asemenea va avea si consultul cu medicul anestezist.   Operatia este una foarte dificila datorita complexitatii esi dar si avand in vedere ca Lucia va avea la momentul respectiv 1 an si 9 luni, iar interventiile sunt recomandate in mod normal dupa varsta de 4 ani.

Lucia va sta in spital aproximativ 14 zile si va avea tot piciorul (pana sus) in ghips. La 6 saptamani de la interventie vom reveni la control si vom astepta vesti bune.

Suntem cu totii nerabdatori si  emotionati, dar ne rugam sa fie bine!


My dears,

It’s official. After many discussions and scheduling-rescheduling the appointment, the final date for Lucia’s surgery is May 19th, 2014 at UKBB Clinic in Basel, Switzerland. We will have to get there 4 days earlier because the surgery is scheduled on a Monday and during the weekend there are no doctors to test my baby. So we will have to be there on the 15th so they could run some pre-opp tests on Friday, 16th and get an anesthesiologist consult. This is a major surgery due to its complexity and also to the fact that Lucia will be 1 year and 9 months old, and normally the interventions are recommended after the baby turns 4.

Lucia will be hospitalized for aprox. 14 days and will have a full cast (entire leg) in gypsum.  We will have to come back for a post-opp check after 6 weeks from the surgery and looking to hear good news.


We all are very excited and nervous, but we pray that everything will turn out to be ok!


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